About Us

Right Way Charts is an easy to use charting tool which enables you to create professional looking charts on the basis of Excel spreadsheet files. It is aimed at individual investors, traders, scientists and others who want to create effective, clean and attractive charts easily and quickly.

Right Way Charts is one of the products of Right Way Trader – a privately held company, specializing in the development of innovative tools to help individual investors and traders on their way to profits.

About Right Way Trader

Here at Right Way Trader, we believe that less is more. Simplicity and ease of use are our guiding design principles. All of our products are designed to do just a few things and to do them very well. That way, you get the exact functionality you are looking for without having to wade through a massive users guide. Right Way Charts conform to this mission completely. Unlike other expensive and tedious charting applications which are overstuffed with odd features and modules, Right Way Charts is a cost-effective and intuitive tool which does exactly what it was created for – it goes beyond MS Excel limitations empowering you to draw great looking charts with ease.

To learn more about Right Way Trader visit www.rightwaytrader.com

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