Right Way Charts enables you to create great-looking charts easily and quickly using a variety of different data sources and gives you the flexibility to easily export your charts to high quality image formats as well as to our online client area.

The major features of Right Way Charts include:

Online Data Server

Unlimited access to our massive online database is worth the price of Right Way Charts alone. The database includes extensive historical data in the following areas:

  • U.S. equities
  • Canadian equities
  • London equities
  • Australian equities
  • U.S. mutual funds
  • U.S. domestic indices
  • Non-U.S. foreign indices
  • Futures – actual and continuous
  • Cash commodities
  • Currencies

You can browse our database at http://data.rightwaytrader.com.

Excel Add-In

Right Way Charts includes an Excel add-in that allows you to select a data range right from within Excel and send that data directly to Right Way Charts where you can create exactly the chart that you want.

Some of the highlights of Right Way Charts capabilities over Excel include:

  • Multiple date-aligned stacked areas in a single chart.
  • Log-scaled charts using both arithmetically and logarithmically spaced data labels.
  • Easy exporting to a variety of image formats as well as to the Internet.
  • Saved templates of your favorite chart types.

Fine Tuning Your Chart

Right Way Charts provides unprecedented flexibility for fine tuning all aspects of a chart in order to create exactly the chart that you want. Here are just a few of the options you will find in Right Way Charts:

  • Multiple data sources can be combined in a single chart even if they are covering different time periods and intervals. All data points will be automatically date-aligned.
  • Data label placement can be automatic as semi-automatic. We’ve also created a unique log-labels feature for log-scaled charts. If all that isn’t enough, you can use the Manual Data Labels tool that literally allows you to specify a set of values at which data labels will be placed.
  • Multi-series charts can use left and right axis binding as well as an unlimited number of vertically stacked panes in which to plot the data. All panes are automatically date aligned.

Image Exports

Right Way Charts provides easy exporting to a variety of high quality image formats including BMP, EPS, GIF, JPG, PDF, PNG, SVG and TIFF.

Moreover, charts can be designed at exactly the target size of the intended export. This is a very useful feature since the resulting image export will look exactly like what you intend rather than being subject to unintended consequences of re-scaling.

Online Charts

Each Right Way Charts account includes the ability to save up to 25 of your favorite charts online. Moreover, charts that are created with data from our online database will be automatically updated each evening as new data is available.

Even charts created with Excel data can be saved online. The Excel data will be uploaded to your account along with the chart.

Online charts can be bookmarked and pulled up anytime for viewing even without having to log in to the client area. Charts can be easily shared with colleagues and friends and even linked to from other websites.

In addition, multiple charts can be combined into a page of charts that can also be bookmarked and then visited over and over again.

Finally, if you are interested in publishing a live chart on another website, that can be done as well for an additional fee.