Frequently Asked Questions

What is Right Way Charts?

Right Way Charts is a Windows-based desktop application that allows you to create highly customized charts using an online database, native Excel files or CSV files. Charts can be exported to a variety of high quality image formats as well as to our Online client area.

Why use Right Way Charts?

Right Way Charts gives you unprecedented flexibility to create exactly the chart you want rather than the chart that other programs corner you into.

How much does it cost?

An annual license to Right Way Charts is $395. It includes a year of free upgrades, access to our database and 20 free online charts.

What are the system requirements?

Right Way Charts will run on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

Can I try Right Way Charts before buying it?

Yes, you can download a fully functional trial version of Right Way Charts and use it free for 30 days.

Do I need to be connected to the Internet to use Right Way Charts?

Access to the Internet is only required to connect to the free online database and to save and view charts online.

What data is available in the online database?

Our online database includes extensive historical data on equities for the U.S., Canada, London and Australia. It also includes U.S. mutual funds, futures contracts, indices, currencies and more. You can browse our online database at

Can I publish charts on my own website?

You can always export an image of any chart you create in Right Way Charts and publish it anywhere you like. (We love it when you include our Right Way Charts logo too!) If you’d like to publish a live online chart to your website and have it updated each day with new data, you can do that too for a small additional fee.

What do I do if I have other questions where are not listed here?

If you don’t see your question here, you can submit your question to us via our support contact form. We will do our best to respond within 1 business day.